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7801 US Highway 42

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We've Moved to Our New Location!

The Florence Veterinary Hospital has moved to our new location at 7801 US Hwy 42. We are just East of Interstate 75, directly next to the Wildwood Inn. This new location offers better parking and easier access to the main road. See the new location on Google Maps.

Welcome Dr. Allison Shepherd!

More exciting news for the Florence Veterinary Hospital. The move to our new office has allowed us to have the space to add staffing to better serve our clients and patients. On October 1, Dr. Allison Shepherd will join our staff. Dr Shepherd is a native of Boone County. She and her husband Brice have two children and live in Burlington. Dr Allison is a 2010 graduate of Tuskegee University Veterinary College. She has eight years of experience working in the Veterinary emergency field. She formerly worked in Lexington Ky Emergency Center and at The Care Center in Blue Ash, Oh. We are very excited about the new insights and services that Dr Shepherd will bring to the Florence Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Allison brings with her years of experience in ultrasound. With the recent purchase of an ultrasound machine, our office will be better able to diagnose and treat patients in our office with ultrasound technology. Welcome Dr Allison!!

Welcome to Florence Veterinary Hospital

The Florence Veterinary Hospital is well known in the Florence area, having been established over 30 years ago. The Florence Veterinary Hospital primarily treats small animals.

Our hospital staff of licensed veterinary technicians, veterinary assistants and receptionists have an impressive range of skills and years of experience in the animal care field.

Our goal is to provide pet owners with the most personal, convenient and cost effective services available. We take pride in assuring that you will see the same doctor with each visit and that your pet will be treated with kindness, compassion and respect.

We provide a clean, friendly environment where your pet will be professionally handled. We encourage you to visit our hospital and meet Dr. Davis, Dr. Garofolo and our staff.

“I have learned from good example that it is important to provide reliable, affordable and friendly service to our clients.” - Dr. Dan Davis

New Laser Therapy Service

The Florence Veterinary Hospital is pleased to offer one of the latest therapies to date for relief of inflammatory and painful conditions in our pets. With the addition of our Companion Therapy Laser, we can perform healing therapy known as Photo Bio Modulation Therapy or Cool laser Therapy. This is an alternative way to ease our animals pain and suffering.

The laser therapy is used to treat inflammatory ear and skin conditions such as Otitis externa, ear hematomas, lick granulomas as well as hot spots and other inflammatory conditions. Therapy has been used to treat deep body inflammation such as controlling stubborn respiratory disease, pancreatitis, gastroenteritis and bladder infections.

One of the most important therapies is the treatment of all species of animals that suffer from arthritis and other debilitating diseases that hinder its ability to walk. Treatment is successful in treating IV disc disease, muscle and ligament disorders and neuromuscular diseases. Literally, the laser can mean the difference in life or death for patients who have lost mobility.

Another exciting use for the laser therapy is in the treatment of surgical and dental incisions. The laser can easily be used on surgical incisions which greatly reduces surgical wound healing time and reduces pain. Laser use in dentistry is useful in reducing inflamed gums and treating gums after tooth extraction for more rapid healing and relief of post dental pain. Probably one of the most significant benefits for our patients is the ability to reduce or eliminate the use of expensive harsh medications, which improves their quality of life.

Check further on our website for information and videos regarding the usefulness of the laser therapy also known as Photo Bio Modulation Therapy.

Announcing VetSource!

We are partnering with an online pharmacy by the name of Vetsource. This will give us the opportunity to offer products that we normally don't carry in our office inventory. It will give our clients an opportunity to purchase products that come directly from a reliable vendor.

These products can be shipped directly to the client's home with pricing that beats other online pharmacies. Not only will our clients get low online price offers, but they will also get the same rebate offers that are available through our office.

Check out "Vetsource" in the navigation bar at the top of our homepage or click the button on this page. click the button above.

* Prescriptions will only be filled for patients who are active in our records.

VetSource Home Delivery