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Alert regarding corona virus As of Thursday March 19, our office has implemented changes in protocol in order to further accommodate our clients during the Covid 19 (Corona virus) pandemic. We will be practicing curbside service only at our office. This has been working out very well and clients and staff have appreciated the safety that this form of measure holds during this uncertain time. This practice has allowed us to continue to help your pets while protecting owners and staff. When you enter our parking lot, please call our office number 859 371-6501, and we will come out to review your pet's needs for that day and bring the pet into our office. After your pet has received its examination, the doctor will call you with a treatment plan. When your pets treatment is completed, we will bring him/her back to your car. You never have to leave your car. We ask that you have your pet in a carrier or leashed securely so there are no problems with escapes. If you don't have a carrier, we can supply you with one when you arrive. It is the owners responsibility to get the pet into the carrier inside the car. We accept no responsibility for pets that may escape if they are not properly restrained before entering the building.

We will keep you informed of any potential changes in protocol through our website or facebook page.

I want to reiterate that there is absolutely no known or suspected evidence showing that pets can transfer Covid 19 (Corona) to humans. While dogs and cats have their own corona viruses they are not contagious to humans. We will not be able to make house calls until the Covid 19 restrictions are lifted. Thank you, Dr Dan Davis

An office where veterinary exams are provided near Union, KY

Veterinary Examinations Near Union, KY

The Florence Veterinary Hospital is well known in the Florence area, having been established over 30 years ago. It was moved to its present location in the Fall 2018. Our former location was just a half mile away on the West side of I-75. The Florence Veterinary Hospital primarily treats small animals.

Our hospital staff of licensed veterinary technicians, veterinary assistants and receptionists have an impressive range of skills and years of experience in the animal care field.

Our goal is to provide pet owners with the most personal, convenient and cost effective services available. We take pride in assuring that you will see the same doctor with each visit and that your pet will be treated with kindness, compassion and respect.

We provide a clean, friendly environment where your pet will be professionally handled. We encourage you to visit our hospital and meet Dr. Davis, Dr. Garofolo and our staff.

“I have learned from good example that it is important to provide reliable, affordable and friendly service to our clients.” - Dr. Dan Davis

Laser Therapy Service

The Florence Veterinary Hospital is pleased to offer one of the latest therapies to date for relief of inflammatory and painful conditions in our pets. With the addition of our Companion Therapy Laser, we can perform healing therapy known as Photo Bio Modulation Therapy or Cool laser Therapy.

New Location

The Florence Veterinary Hospital has moved to our new location at 7801 US Hwy 42. We are just East of Interstate 75, directly next to the Wildwood Inn. The new location has better parking and easier access to the main road. We look forward to serving you at our new location!

Online Pharmacy

Our online Veterinary Pharmacy gives us the opportunity to offer products that we normally don't carry in our office inventory. It will give our clients an opportunity to purchase products that are shipped directly to their home.